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Outfitter Annual Report Form - 20 pages

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DECEMBER 1, 2020***

Below is the 2019 Outfitter Renewal packet. This document can be completed and mailed back to us, with your 2020 licensing fee, at any point in the coming months.

Per Board Rules, Updated February 2019

Chapter 2, Section 4 Renewal of Outfitter Licenses:

(a) Outfitter licenses expire on December 31 of the year issued per W.S. 23-2-414(b). Outfitter renewal applications are due on December 1 of each year. Any application post-marked or received after December 31 shall be treated as a first time applicant.

Chapter 2, Section 3 Outfitters to Submit Required Outfitter Annual Report

(a) Each licensed outfitter shall submit an Outfitter's Annual Report (report) on the form provided by the Board covering the calendar year for which the license was valid. The reported information shall be legible, accurate and complete.

(b)Each report shall be post-marked no later than January 31 of the subsequent year for which the report is being filed. Any report post-marked or received after that date is untimely, and any associated renewal application that was submitted shall be treated as a first time applicant.