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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides (WYSBOPG) do?

  • We are the licensing and governing Agency that regulates all licensed Big Game Outfitters and Professional Guides in the State of Wyoming. We work in conjunction with other State and Federal Agencies to oversee the integrity of industry. We investigate suspected illegal Outfitting, examine complaints made regarding Outfitting and Guiding Professionals by hunters, clientele, and the general public. Additionally, we provide reporting on annual harvests, area authorizations, and usage for each licensed Outfitter.

2. What is the difference between an Outfitter and a Professional Guide?

  • Big Game Outfitters are described as a person, hunting club, or agent of a corporation, operating for profit or other gain, who provides hunting related guiding or packing services, pack and saddle animals, vehicles, etc., for any person or persons to hunt, trap, take or kill any Big Game or Trophy animal in the State of Wyoming. This excludes any individual or landowner who provides a hunter with pack animals or other equipment for their personal use.
  • Professional Guides in the State of Wyoming are required to be employed by or work under an independent contract with a licensed Outfitter. They provide a skilled service to hunters by assisting with the taking and packing of harvested animals. Professional guides do not furnish any services or amenities to the hunters they assist, beyond those provided by their employing Outfitter. Professional Guide licenses are required to be signed by the employing Outfitter.

3. How do I become a licensed Outfitter in Wyoming?

  • Any qualified person wishing to operate as an outfitter is required to complete the New Outfitter Application and Operation Plan and submit the documents to the Board with the new applicant fee. This fee is non-refundable. The fee, application, and operation plan are valid one year from date of receipt. The study material for the new outfitter exam will be sent to you.
  • The new outfitter exam must be scheduled and proctored at our main office in Cheyenne.
  • Additional information regarding licensing provisions is available in WYSBOPG’s Rules and Regulations, Chapter 2.

4. How do I become a licensed Professional Guide?

  • Professional Guide’s must be employed by or work under independent contract with a licensed Outfitter. They must submit application to the Board in conjunction with a valid first aid certification card and, if born after January 1, 1966, submit a copy of their Hunter’s Education card.
  • Applicants not previously licensed, or not licensed within the last 2 years, are required to take the Professional Guide exam that is available on our website. The exam must be submitted with the new application, new applicant fee, and regular licensing fee.
  • All Professional Guides must sign their license and have their employing Outfitter sign the back of the document.

5. As a nonresident, do I need a Guide to accompany me while hunting in Wyoming?

  • If you are planning to hunt in any State or Federally designated Wilderness area within Wyoming you will need a licensed Guide, or Resident Guide with you in those areas. State Law requires that at least one (1) licensed Guide or Resident Guide accompany each two (2) nonresident hunters

6. Is a Resident Guide License (RGL) different from a Professional Guide License?

  • Yes, Resident Guide Licenses are issued to any resident of Wyoming who possess a valid resident big or trophy game license.
  • RGL are issued without charge or bond by the commission, any district supervisior or resident game warden upon receipt of affidavit from the resident stating the names and addresses of the individuals to be guided.